An Inside Look at Vivaldi

It may feel at times that the world of Internet browsers is monotonous. If you want to do more than just get online, you’re usually stuck choosing between Google Chrome and Firefox. If you’re an Apple guy, you might swear by Safari. There’s a strong collection of Opera fans out there. But for the most part, that’s all Internet users have to choose from.

Enter Vivaldi. Developed in 2015, the freeware browser is based off a Chromium engine and is designed to act as a versatile browser for both tech geeks and heavy Internet users. We’re taking an inside look at the browser that’s taking the world by storm. Is Vivaldi for you? Read on to find out.

The Basics

Vivaldi was developed by some of the same guys behind the ever popular Opera browser, including former Opera co-founder and CEO Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner.

What’s the story behind Vivaldi? Think of Vivaldi as a happy marriage between Google Chrome and Opera. If you’re an Opera fan, you may remember how divisive fans of the browser were when the browser switched from the Presto engine to the Blink engine. Features, including community forums, were lost in the process, upsetting many Opera users. Vivaldi was made in an attempt to attract disgruntled Opera fans and provide Internet users with a versatile browser.


One of Vivaldi’s most popular features cell phone spy is what’s known as tab stacking. Users can compile tabs into tab stacks, allowing them to organize tabs and view multiple tabs together in one window, if desired.

Another popular feature allows users to write notes for webpages in their bookmarks folder, making it simple for users to organize their bookmarks and other important sites they want to look at later.

The look of Vivaldi is highly customizable as well. Users can customize the looks of side panels, the color of the browser, and so on, making Vivaldi an especially user-friendly browser.

But one of the best features associated with Vivaldi has to do with setting customizable mouse swipes and key functions. If you have the patience to noodle around with Vivaldi, you can make your browser your own, making it easier to get the tasks done online that you need to power through each and every day.

Since Vivaldi is built off of the Chromium engine, users can install Google Chrome extensions, combining some of the best features of the Opera and the Google Chrome browser. Not all extensions are compatible so keep that in mind before you have your heart set on a specific extension but the most popular, such as AdBlocker and so on, should be compatible.

Is Vivaldi For You?

Vivaldi can be a versatile browser, suitable for most Internet users. But it may not offer enough features for most users to see it as a must-have. That being said, consider whether or not you’re the kind of person who needs to have a million tabs open at any given time. If that sounds like you, Vivaldi could be the browser for you. Vivaldi is built for the user who loves browsers like Opera but want a full fledged community and high customizability with it. Vivaldi might never become a mainstream browser like Google Chrome or Firefox but we can guarantee that Vivaldi could see its heyday as a niche app for serious Internet browser aficionados. Still, it never hurts to download Vivaldi and give it a shot. Who knows? Even if you don’t think of yourself as a “heavy Internet user”, Vivaldi just might offer enough features to make it worth the while to the casual user.